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manzanita builder kelowna
Kelownas best builder

What can we do
for you?

Skilled help with lot
selection & home

Written, itemized,
detailed budgets
based on complete
working drawings
& specification lists.

Written, transparent  
quotes from suppliers
& trades.

Daily on site
management to
ensure speed,
quality & safety
on your home

Realistic time lines &
schedules to ensure
on time completion.

Qualified, proven
trades people.

Past clients homes
to inspect the quality
& unique styles.

In person handling of
bankers, quanity/ cost
consultants, appraisers,

Work safe &
liability insurance

Home based office,
low over head means  
competitive pricing.

Rezoning experience,
in fill lots, condo, land
subdivisions &
town homes.

at a fixed fee.

Past Okanagan
The Quarry,
Blue Sky at
Black Mountain,
Traditions in
Prospect at Black
Green Bay Landing,
Abbott/ Pandosy
Upper Mission,
Lake Country,
SE Kelowna, Fawn
Run, The Ponds &
High Pointe Terraces.

Bryan 250.870.1827

South East Kelowna
home office by
manzanillo home, manzaneta home, manzaneeta home, manzan homes
Manzanita is Spanish
for  "little apple", &
is also a native plant
which grows in the

Bryan's career in  
construction &
development began
in 1992.

Born in the valley,
he knows the
Okanagan well.

With the experience of
building 100 + homes,
you can have
confidence in
Manzanita to protect
the best interests of
you, the client.

Manzanita Homes
offers well crafted
homes at a clear price,
backed by a third
party warranty.

We are adept with
budgeting, permitting,
engineering, blasting,
septics, timber frames
& green building.

We enjoy learning &
work with the
highest quality,
reliable & likeable
trades in the

Specialists in Prairie
& modern homes
but versed in
many architectural
home styles.

Manzanita has been
entrusted to build for
many out of town
clients who rely on
the daily photos &

Collaborating only on
compatible  projects
allows the attention to
detail each project

We cant be all things
to all people and wont
lose sight of that.

As a graduate of
business administration,
Bryan values integrity,
creativity, quality &
efficiency in all his

Our only advertising
is word of mouth, so
please consider
referring us to friends
or family.

Bryan's cell:

South East Kelowna  
home office by
We take 6-9 months to build depending on the size and
complexity. Available spring 2019 for Kelowna Mission
starts only.... Collaborating only on compatible  projects
allows the attention to detail each project deserves.
New Uprise Designs available.....
Current projects......