Many custom homes we build  
are in the $600,000-$900,000
construction budget range plus
land, GST, landscaping and

We are specialists in Prairie and
modern , but are well versed in
all architectural styles.
Manzanita works with several
well regarded  home designers
who can design your home in six
to twelve weeks.

We thrive on leading in
quality, value and on schedule

Beware, many builders will give
a "price per square foot"  which
is frankly foolish.

There are literally thousands of
decisions that can affect the
price, even mundane items such
as the furnace, lumber, window
or concrete specifications can
rapidly change the price by
$50,000 or more.

Unscrupulous builders will
provide  quotes that are
incomplete such as a furnace
quote with no gas fitting
included, building code
minimum standards, or a home
priced with an eight foot non
engineered basement which no
one would ever knowingly

Our trades & suppliers are
almost all long term. We choose
to work together because we
know & trust each others skills,
reliability, honesty and fair

We are often entrusted to build
homes for clients living out of
town, they rely on our daily
photos, email & phone updates.

We can price your home  
accurately from working
drawings  and detailed
specifications within three
weeks. Note our preference
is to work with clients from lot
purchase onward.

If your home plans are already
completed, we will require full
construction specifications and
detailed finishes to be able to
create an "apples to apples

Without detailed specifications
you are susceptible to
unscrupulous builder offers that
are incomplete at best, fantasy at

Once completed drawings and
budget specifications are
approved, engineering &
building permits will take
approximately four to eight
weeks until we can break
Fawn Run and The Ponds in the Upper Mission.

Rare west facing Okanagan lake view or south
facing Jack Smith lake front lots. Close to new
middle school & new South Perimeter connector.

Home + lot $1 million to 1.5 million. Lots from
$369,900 + GST